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Upload print

Thank you, the username is anonymous, password is anony and the ftp location to upload your file is

If you know what to do with this then great, if not continue reading…

How do I use this?

There are several ways you can use this, choose your preferred option below.

1. Using Internet Explorer that is on almost all Windows machines

Open up a new Internet Explorer window and paste into the location bar or click the link above (if using Internet Explorer to view this page)

> You will connect to our server, simply go to Start in Windows then My Computer and find your file. Drag or copy/paste your file into the server window, let the file upload and you are done.

2. Using Firefox

Firefox has a great free FTP client called FireFTP, instead of rewriting the book have written a good tutorial on how to use FireFTP, click here to find out how to use FireFTP.

3. Using an ftp client

There are several free ftp clients, a good one we like to use is FileZilla Client.

Download and install the client and open the program

> Click on New Site and add into the Host field and anonymous into the User field and the password is anony.

> Click connect

> Your machine’s files are in the left pain, simply find your file and drag it over to the right window, let the file upload and you are done.