November 15, 2010

The installation of the Arizona 250 GT printer was brought about in September 2008 so that we could offer clients representative, full size, pre production models of the proposed display on the actual material to be used. It allows the client to closely scrutinize the display stand prior to production, eliminating errors and mistakes which would prove costly once in production and has been a big hit so far. It also allows clients to purchase smaller numbers of display materials than previously possible in a cost effective manner, allowing for smaller tactical promotions. The Arizona has also been used to personalise whole campaigns by adding localised information to mass produced national campaigns at a fraction of what it would have cost before.

The machine can be used to print onto wood, metal, glass, plastic, card board, ceramics and fabrics. It can print up to 50mm thick substrates. It prints at a resolution of 1440 dpi which is almost photographic quality, we have had some stunning results and the customers to date have been delighted with the results. It has a roll to roll option, as well, which means the Arizona can print 2.2m wide and as long as the available roll length.

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