November 16, 2010

P & D were called in by Iceland to design & produce a merchandising unit for dispensing a free Christmas Magazine. Hot off press IcelandWe were asked if we could design a unit that would be simple to erect yet strong and robust enough to take the considerable weight of the magazines and that would stand up to the considerable amount of use that was expected. In the past staff at Iceland had found the assembly of this style of stand to be difficult and quite often, as a result, the display did not make it on to the shop floor, or if it did some collapsed due to poor make up of a difficult unit. How we answered the brief was to design a unit that, once removed from its packaging, self erects with the help of a bit of old fashioned India rubber, leaving an insertion of a divider along with the header with more offer information. This gave Iceland a unit that could not be simpler to use and, because it was delivered as a flat pack unit on Iceland’s own delivery vehicles, it proved extremely cost effective.

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