Casio Electronics choose P and D

October 28, 2010

In October 2010 we took a call from a troubled Product Manager at Casio Electronics.

Casio displayHe had a problem, Casio had just run a test run of a new range of Digital Camera’s from a bespoke designed FSDU within the Co-op’s top 100 stores and urgently needed 10 more for some more key stores before the Co-op could decide if they were going to roll out the product, possibly across the full range of their 2000+ stores.
He had used his regular print supplier to do the initial 100 and to be fair the incumbent printer had done a very good job but because they were still using analogue printing methods and had not yet made the change to a digital based printing method they were struggling to meet Casio’s request and declined the work.

He was disappointed by this but decided to Google ‘FSDU’ to see if there were any other options. As a result he found our website; he read the news article about our investment into digital printing and called us. We had a meeting the following day, discussed the urgency of his requirement and came up with a plan that would see him receive his 10 units within a matter of days. Over the next two days his requirement went up from 10 to 35, they still went out on the allotted day, Casio were relieved and happy that they had fulfilled the Co-op’s requirement.

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